Veritas Fun!

A couple of weeks ago Christine and I visited Veritas for some science demonstrations.  We got to talk to kids from grades k-6 and we had a blast!  We did lots of different things from turning smelly cabbage juice different colors, to making an egg pop into a glass bottle.  We even had a few brave students who were willing to get a little wet! 

Our “Do Not Open” bottle was a neat experiment that surprised a couple of students, when you twist the cap of the bottle water squirts out from all sides!  Kids as well as teachers were very surprised to find out that my bottle had holes poked into it but nothing spilling out, until you take the cap off of course!

Well there’s a simple explanation for that and it has to do with air pressure and surface tension, but let’s leave that for another day.  Here’s a website for you if you’re interested in checking out how to make your own “Do Not Open” bottle;  

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