What it's like to be a science student

Hey everyone I thought some of you would like to know a little but more about what it’s like to be a science student. First things first the sciences are hard work. There is no way around that little fact, trust me I’ve tried, you have to be willing to work hard and stay determined. But before you all jump ahead and decide that the sciences aren’t for you, let me tell you about all of the fun I had in my classes. I had one wacky professor who actually brought in a fish on a plate, and a lemon wedge to demonstrate acids and bases! I got to synthesize aspirin in chemistry lab, and make a rainbow of pretty colors with nothing but some acids and bases. In biology lab I got to create my own experiment and follow it through on a live creature! My group and I chose sea anemones to study, and they turned out to be pretty interesting. Nobody worry though because no animals were harmed in the experiments. I’m an animal lover myself and I would never hurt any type of animal big or small. In biology we also got to grow bacteria cultures and then scrap the bacteria off and look at it under a microscope. Another awesome aspect to taking sciences is the overwhelming amount of job variety! If all of my friends turn out to be what they want to be as of right now then someday in the future I will know a nurse, doctor, physical therapist, teacher, microbiologist, and even a genetic therapist! Who knows what the future holds for all you fellow science geeks, I could be blogging to the scientist who discovers the cure to cancer! Here is a picture of my biology experiment with sea anemones, this sea anemone is spitting out a rock. This year’s science camps are going to be awesome!!

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