Spotlight on Science Learning

As Canada relies on an increasingly knowledge-based economy for prosperity, now more than ever it is crucial to create a large pool of science-based talent to keep Canada competitive and Canadians employed. We need more people with science-based college, university, and skilled trades training. Not only is science fundamental to Canada's future prosperity, but a basic understanding of science is also vital for day-to-day life. It is critical to engage youth in science at a young age, maintain their love of science throughout their lives and help them to understand the value of science learning for their future careers.

To that end, Amgen Canada and Let's Talk Science, two organizations deeply committed to promoting and raising awareness of the importance of science learning in Canada, partnered to develop the first ever Spotlight on Science Learning. Using publicly available data, the study looks at some of the key indicators of STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) learning, starting in elementary and secondary school, moving on through post-secondary education, and going into the workforce. This data was reviewed and analyzed by a panel of experts with representatives from science teaching, post-secondary institutions, media, industry, youth science culture and professional associations.

The report reveals that Canada's talent pool is strong in terms of performance and capability, but we fall short when it comes to attracting and retaining students in science programs. Developing a culture in Canada that supports STEM learning demands collective action and is a shared responsibility. As countries around the world rise to the challenge, it is important for Canadians to do the same. In doing so, we believe that Canada will be more competitive globally and our youth will have greater and more varied career choices in the knowledge economy.

Download the REPORT.