Entrepreneurs + Innovators

To ensure the ongoing development of highly qualified business expertise, NSIS organizes and delivers timely workshops, seminars and conferences in partnership with local and regional communities, businesses and professional organizations.  Our events provide a forum for the discussion of technology and business-related topics as well as a great opportunity for networking.  Each event brings together specialists in their respective fields who blend research and experience to provide topical understanding, skills enhancement and resource access.  

Innovators and entrepreneurs can learn more about topics such as:

  • product development
  • market research
  • business planning
  • financial planning
  • sales and marketing
  • e-business essentials
  • intellectual property issues and more

Tech Talk

Our cornerstone breakfast speaker series is the ideal place to get the latest info on technology-related topics and trends.  Meet interesting and innovative people who will show you how to best apply timely topics, tips and tricks to help streamline your business venture.  Stay tuned for details on the next Tech Talk.